New Toys: Baby Audio Spaced Out Effect Generator

Baby Audio has Spaced Out, a “lush wet-FX generator” plug-in comprised of two main effects: an Echoes delay section and Space, a reverb engine. With just a few clicks, it is very easy to realize exotic-sounding soundscapes. I found, rather then trying to figure out and modifying one of the included and awesome presets to comport with my preconceived notion(s) or ideas, I would just click the Spaced Out Generate button in the middle of the GUI.

Not artificial intelligence, Generate is a seemingly random—”roll of the dice” of effect parameter values—every parameter changes with some surprising outcomes all designed to be useful. Most of the time, I would only have to adjust the Wet/Dry amount and be done! Relishing absolute control is fun and creatively freeing—but save the results!

The Echoes section has Texture or tonality choices for the delay signals. I liked Reverse; it flips around the delay signal before all other processing. The Space reverb engine starts with four Programs descriptively named: Vacuum, Small Space, Medium Space and Outer Space.

Space has up to 250ms of Pre-Delay available, plus the Stardust control sets the amount of high frequency fizz. You can use the section’s HPF and LPF to dial in the overall reverb tone. I also liked using the separate Width control to dial in the reverb’s stereo width anywhere from straight up mono to wider and larger-than-life stereo!

Spaced Out comes with 125 presets created by Baby Audio and other artists and producers. This is a creative and trippy plug-in and I use it in just about every mix now! Download it in VST, VST3, AU or AAX formats. Spaced Out sells for $69 MSRP.