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New Music Critiques: Young Cuda


“Is She the Captain of the Twerk Team?” That’s what Young Cuda and guests want to know on “Twerk Team,” which like the catchy “Dance For Me” and “Hotel” (definitely not a Ritz Carlton) delivers seamless mic interplay and an eerily FX’d track that sets a creepy, edgy tone for play-by-play lyrics about strippers and their freaky antics. We dig the snakey, mysterious keyboard riffs that wind their way through these raunchy X-rated tracks about dirty deeds done to an eerie beat. Young Cuda’s spellbinding music, his depiction of an illicit underworld that’s dense and thick with sex, violence and threat, has a cinematic quality that makes these songs ripe for placement in film sequences.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Label, Booking, Film/TV
Style: Urban, Hip-Hop, Trap

Young Cuda - "Toxic Town"

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