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New Music Critiques: Kylie Odetta


With hooky choruses, sultry voice and superb production by Matt LaPlant, this new music critique artist, Kylie Odetta, is working at a high level reminiscent of Lorde. Odetta’s material is well suited to her gifts at the mic, which is evident in “Waiting Game” where she’s elevated rather than overwhelmed by the complex percussion effects. “My Love,” in which she sings to her lover of being “your queen,” enhances the regal theme with a lush arrangement. This is Odetta’s most commercial song and would grace a film or TV sequence. She’s at her most breathy and confidential in “Gasoline” where the singer pulls out all the stops in a song with obvious visual appeal. Above all, these atmospheric songs boast strong chorus hooks.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: kylieodetta.com
Seeking: Booking Partner, Film/TV, Publishing
Style: Indie/Pop, Singer/Songwriter

Kylie Odetta - "High Dreamer"

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