Cardiac - live review - photo by Pierce Brochetti

Live Review: Cardiac at The Viper Room in Los Angeles, CA

Material: Cardiac is a neo-progressive band reminiscent of the Cure and Pendragon. They start off telling you a tale, then take you through a long winding musical highway (telling the story with their instruments) and then the vocals finish off the song at the other end; all with no bass player, only pre-recorded loops. Tracks like “Lick the Blade” and “Summer Saved Me” tell stories of sadness and destruction and how it can all be alright in the end. It was a bit difficult to grasp the meaning of the songs because they were presented with aggression and attitude, but at the same time the music takes over and makes it worthwhile.

Musicianship: DiSarro was very aggressive and abrasive on the vocals at times, then smooth and silky at others. It seemed that his screaming was inserted wherever and whenever he felt like it, and it made for a dynamic, dramatic set. His range comes through pretty well, most notably on “I Feel Alive” and “Rot in Rhode Island.” Woznik was a bit shy on the guitar at first. He seemed a little nervous, but by the time “Silver Lining” was being played he was as comfortable as could be. Bish banged on the drums like a pro. Saying he was superb is an understatement; excellent drumming on every song with just the right amount of fills and rolls that suited each song perfectly. Bish made “Summer Saved Me” come alive with a fervor and enthusiasm that made the walls shake.

Performance: Cardiac is an energetic group, most notably DiSarro. He worked the stage, jumping, running and taunting the crowd (and his drummer). He made the performance worth watching (although at times at the price of the vocals). He was off key a few times, but only because he was midair as he delivered notes. Bish was solid behind the drum kit all night long as he and DiSarro played to each other’s antics. Woznik was relaxed strumming his guitar and, as someone in the crowd noted, “He’s so sexy just standing there.”

Summary: A good overall performance for the guys of Cardiac. They started out with an eerie ballad called “Another Hero Dies” that set the stage for a fiery, dynamic show. The music is heartfelt and relatable to life’s harsh realities––drugs and broken relationships. The tunes are performed with vigor and aggression and the band make you feel what their songs are about. Cardiac tend to overdo the visual part of their performance, and the musicianship suffers because of it, but at the same time they are fun and amusing to watch.

The Players: David DiSarro, vocals; Don “Dish” Bish, drums; Jarod Woznik, guitar.

Photo by Pierce Brochetti

Venue: The Viper Room
West Hollywood, CA
Contact: [email protected]

Cardiac - "Silver Lining"

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