New Music Critiques: Socket


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Web: socketntertainment.com 

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Style: Hip-Hop, Rap 

While rapper Socket leaves nothing on the table lyrically, it’s fascinating just how delicate and minimalist the music is behind him. The songs are expertly-constructed, as the music is dark, wonderfully uncomfortable and disconcerting, like a scary movie score, and Socket goes to town, lyrically, all over it. That’s a fine balance and it takes a deft touch, which Socket pulls off with aplomb. The song “Myself” features the devastatingly cynical and honest lines, “Life’s been so strange to the point no one could trust no one, How would I be able to see myself stay unstable? I’m not so kind me bro, I got me gun on this table.” Socket, it would seem, is not here to screw around. He is, however, a refreshing addition to the hip-hop scene.