Eric Tessmer at The Hotel Café in Hollywood, CA

Material: The Eric Tessmer Band is a rock group with their feet firmly planted in the blues and driven by the sounds of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robben Ford and Johnny Lang. Well crafted and performed, all the songs are instant hits. They sounded exactly like the recordings and let you know that rockin’ blues is alive, kickin’ and taking names. This band pushes the boundaries that separate the blues/rock genres and take it to the limit, as in the hard rockin’ blues tune “Love has Taken Its Toll.” The song left you feeling like Robben Ford was in the house and just left the building.

Musicianship: Eric Tessmer Band are experienced veterans playing top notch hard rockin’ blues. Tessmer’s solos seared and ripped through the rhythms like a hot knife to butter. Ortiz filled the room with superb bottom end that gave Tessmer the right foundation to expertly and easily stand tall and lay down lick after hard rockin’ lick. Redix kept the time flawlessly as he didn’t miss a beat and slayed in a small spotlight drum solo. Was Redix using a click track or were they just ear muffs? We may never know!

Performance: The performance by Eric Tessmer Band was great. It wasn’t so much  the performance itself, but the music being played and how they played it that carried the performance. Tessmer company could do no wrong and hit no bad note as they played with confidence. The music was executed with such coolness and assurance that it seemed effortless, making it fun to watch.

Summary: Hailing from the state of Texas, Eric Tessmer Band is an outstanding trio marked by great musicianship and huge songs. Put that together and you have an impressive show with entertaining music. The blend of the hard rock beats and the bluesy rhythms make for an extremely enjoyable ear-candy listening experience. All cylinders were firing at the Hotel Café as the sound was dialed in and the guitar chops were free flowing.

The Players: Eric Tessmer, guitar; Gian Ortiz, bass; Marc Redix, drums.

Photo by Pierce Brochetti

Venue: The Hotel Café
City: Hollywood, CA
Contact: [email protected]
Web: EricTessmerBand.com