Signing Story: Bizzy

Date Signed: Oct 2023

Label: Big Loud Rock

Type of Music: Alt-Pop

Management: Nicolette McCann at TWIST MUSIC Group

Booking: N/A

Legal: Rachel Guttmann - Taylor Guttman 

Publicity: Sam Rosenthal at Notorious Noise & Nicole Rich at Big Loud Rock

Web: srryimbizzy.com

A&R: Ava Boney & Lloyd Norman at Big Loud Rock

The artist known and embraced by millions of TikTok followers as BIZZY came by her professional name organically, as an homage to a childhood where she literally couldn’t sit still. As she writes in her website bio: “It was a nickname my dad gave me when I was three because I was always running around like a little psychopath with way too much energy. I chose BIZZY to be my artist name because it feels like the purest and truest version of myself.”  

The Washington, DC-bred, Nashville-based singer-songwriter—who majored in Creative Industry Studies at Belmont University—has been living up to her moniker big time since April 2022, when a brief clip of her song “Anybody” went viral on TikTok. She was working at her server job at a Mexican restaurant when she got wind it was blowing up—and to date it has 18.7M views. 

BIZZY’s success with “Anybody” and her equally infectious follow-up “Just Yet” (8.4M views to date) gained her instant industry attention, but she was adamant—at least initially—about staying DIY, despite meeting many “nice” people at major and indie labels she had long dreamed of connecting with. As she warmed to the idea of signing a deal, her criteria was simple—that those running the label cared about her as a person first. “Numbers will go up and down,” she says, “but I need you to be invested in who I am beyond that.”  

In conjunction with the release of her recent single “I Don’t Get Breakups,” BIZZY announced her signing with Big Loud Rock, the new alternative/rock imprint of Big Loud Records. Big Loud Rock approached BIZZY in the beginning, along with many other labels. She had put them in the ‘maybe’ pile because she knew their parent label was country heavy. The singer’s first question was, How would they deal with a non-country artist?  

“As I released more songs,” she says, “new labels would call and others would drop out. What stuck out about Big Loud Rock is that they continued to show up at every show—and when they showed up, there was always a whole team there supporting me. They offered me a good deal, but it still took me eight months to sign it. I knew they were committed when they told me I could take all the time in the world to make my decision. I also appreciate their dedication to artist development.”