Signing Story: JULES IS DEAD

Date Signed: November 18, 2022

Label: Atlantic Records and TAG Music

Band Members: JULES IS DEAD

Management: Joanne Setterington - Indoor Recess Inc.

Legal: Lyndra Griffith-Harnden - Edwards Creative Law

Publicity: Christina Kotsamanidis

Web: julesisdead.com

A&R: Gabe Saporta and Karina Szlasa (TAG), Pete Ganbarg (Atlantic)

JULES IS DEAD, a solo artist from the city of Barrie, Canada, represents somewhat of an iteration of the vintage emo/pop-punk movement during the early 2000s. The singer-songwriter was born nearly two decades after fellow Canadian rockers such as Sum 41, Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne and Fefe Dobson blazed a trail in the popular genres with classic debut albums and iconic videos. Jules was introduced to emo during the global pandemic of 2020, when she turned to her father’s old pastime for recreation.

“My Dad had the video game Rock Band when I was younger and then it went in the basement for a really long time, until [the Covid-19 lockdown period] and then I started playing it because I was extremely bored at my house,” recalled JULES IS DEAD. “[That’s how] I found bands like AFI, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, and Jimmy Eat World.”

Having been inspired by a new found love for emo from the 2000s, the young instrumentalist embarked on a solo career as well as a side-project with a riot grrrl band, after the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions concluded. Jules started performing acoustic renditions of music by the aforementioned emo artists at live venues in the city of Barrie. With lyricism influenced by Fall Out Boy and a Goth Rock aesthetic reminiscent of Amy Lee (from Evanescence), Jules also began uploading cover songs to social media platforms such as TikTok. Subsequentially, Jules’ riot grrrl band gained notoriety, fanfare and the admiration of one of the most recognizable names from the golden era of emo, Gabe Saporta (the lead singer of Cobra Starship).

“TAG Music, which is Gabe’s label, found the band,” Jules said. “He followed us and reached out to us. We did a meeting with him and then the band turned into just me. So, they flew me out to Los Angeles and we did five demos in five days and then at the end of the week we showed them to Atlantic Records. They have a joint venture with TAG Music and they signed me, which was crazy!”

Jules signed with Atlantic Records and TAG Music last November. This year, the 17-year-old released original songs like “My Own Hell” and “Red Is My Favorite Color.” In a full circle moment, Jules recently recorded a new track with Hunter Burgan from AFI. Soon, Jules would like to add more dream collaborations to a growing music catalog by teaming up with recording artists like Davey Havok (from AFI), Pete Wentz (from Fall Out Boy) Death by Romy and Meet Me at the Altar.