Atlanta's Einnor Studios Unveils A1 Studio, Anchored By SSL ORIGIN Console and UF8 Controller

Multi-platinum music producer and songwriter Ronnie “Lil’ Ronnie” Jackson has unveiled the flagship control room, featuring a Solid State Logic ORIGIN 32-channel analog mixing console, at his Einnor complex in a northern suburb of metropolitan Atlanta. The 100,000-square-foot facility, located in Alpharetta, includes multiple production and writing rooms, including two main control rooms with live spaces, plus a host of amenities more typically found at a high-end boutique hotel.

The newest studio, designated A1, is the larger of the two main record production control rooms at the Einnor — Ronnie spelled backwards — complex and was completed in January 2022. “It’s the best room,” Jackson says. “For me, you don’t have an official studio unless you have an SSL; that’s the truth of the matter. Some of the bigger SSL consoles are staples, but I wanted to have the newest equipment and the best equipment. So when SSL came out with the ORIGIN, I said, this is it.”

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