BMI & WHITE BEAR TO PRESENT "The Music of Anti-Heroes" AT WonderCon 2022

WHO: BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) and White Bear PR are excited to present “The Music of Anti-Heroes from Suicide Squad to Brainwave” panel at WonderCon 2022. The discussion will feature BMI composers Stephanie Economou (Jupiter’s Legacy), Kevin Kiner (Peacemaker) and John Murphy (The Suicide Squad), who are the musical masterminds behind some of the most iconic villains. The panel will be moderated by White Bear PR’s Chandler Poling.
WHAT: Everyone is always ready to cheer on the heroes, but we secretly love a good villain. Harley Quinn, Peacemaker and Brainwave all have outstanding music to accompany their diabolical plans. During “The Music of Anti-Heroes from Suicide Squad to Brainwave,” the panelists will give attendees an inside look at the process of creating music for villains, elaborate on their influences and explain how they bring out the perfect notes for the anti-heroes they score. Following the discussion, there will be an audience Q&A. 
WHERE: Anaheim Convention Center, Room 300-D
800 W Katella Ave.
                Anaheim, CA 92802