mVibe Announces New Music Sync Platform Specializing in Cover Songs

mVibe has launched its new music platform, featuring the world’s largest collection of over half a million cover recordings and re-records of hit songs for sync.

The new service helps ad agencies and music supervisors find and license creative renditions of current hits and classic songs in all styles and genres for use in their TV, film, advertising, and other creative media projects – and if a song’s not in the catalog yet, mVibe can create it.

mVibe’s team of musical experts have decades of experience in the sync marketplace and have placed songs in over 350 films and TV shows, including: “Roma,” “Get Out,” “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Pretty Little Liars.”

mVibe offers personalized service from search to sync; its innovative technology and relational metadata structure, along with an expert team of musicians and music professionals, enhances discovery to find the perfect song. Users can find and quickly compare multiple versions of the same song by searching categories such as title, performed by, made famous by, genre, and mood.

They can also view song lyrics, create custom playlists, and share full tracks with their staff and media partners. mVibe has also built a global network of producers and musician partners who can quickly create a custom recording to ensure that users always get the perfect song for their project.

mVibe makes licensing covers for film, commercials, and other creative uses simple and hassle-free, expediting the licensing process by pre-procuring rights, utilizing superior metadata, employing intellectual property licensing experts, and automating the documentation processes.

In addition, mVibe can help facilitate clearances with publishers. Representing quality recordings from partner labels, artists, and producers worldwide, mVibe has quickly become the go-to source for cover recordings.

“I know what it’s like to find the perfect song for your brand or story, only to find it can’t be cleared or is otherwise unattainable,” said Jeff Van Driel, CEO of mVibe.

“That’s why we created mVibe. We want our clients to be able to use the songs they know and love in their projects, while also offering unique variations on those tracks to match any mood, style, or brand identity.

"It’s good for media creators, good for the original songwriters, and good for the underground artists who can now make a living and gain recognition from covering songs.”

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