DIY Spotlight: Cloud


Cloud, a pop-rock act out of Temecula, CA, know what it takes to be a successful DIY act: ambition, drive, and, most importantly, finances. In fact, it seems that money is always an issue for DIY acts, and Cloud are no exception. However, they are exceptional in what they are willing to do to support their career.

Following the model set by the Beatles (as well as Nirvana and many other superstar acts), Cloud perform as a cover band to support their dreams of being an original band.

With an extensive four-hour repertoire of rock and pop covers (as well as original material), they have played a surprising number of unbelievable gigs—gigs that most new acts could only dream about. They’ve headlined the Menifee Independence Day Celebration and the New Year’s Eve Grape Drop in Old Town Temecula, played Vail Lake Resort and the Orange and San Diego County Fairs, performed at the Relay for Life in Buena Park and the Coronado Speed Festival, and have residencies at the Pitstop Pub Bar & Grill, as well as DiPiazza’s in Long Beach.

That sort of activity and work ethic attracted a veteran management company, Kravetsky Management, and award-winning producer Michael Lloyd.

Young, yet seasoned, Cloud are serious but lighthearted about the road they chose. Lead singer Mary Loyd reveals, “I was destined to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Lead guitarist Michael Taber declares, “My biggest strength is also my biggest flaw.“ Drummer Jeff Wiegand adds, “I try to mimic the old gods of drumming.” But it’s bass player Patrick O’Leary who sums it up for the band, “I sometimes find myself aimlessly wandering the streets searching for answers…” With the drive and ambition they possess, Cloud will most assuredly find the answers they’re looking for.

See http://fb.com/cloudisaband