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New Music Critiques: Smoke Season


Lots and lots of trancy atmosphere inhabits the work of this ambitious duo Smoke Season. Gabrielle Wortman has a voice whose range and power allows her to deliver everything from a sassy growl to a playful purr. “Loose” almost overwhelms her with its densely layered track, one that’s meant to conjure a vivid dreamscape. Same goes for “When The Smoke Clears” in which Wortman repeats that phrase frequently–– as if it’s wishful thinking. “Santa Rosa” showcases some beautiful guitar reverb and Wortman’s voice, but is again a song whose ambitions undermine its result. There’s just too much going on in these recordings, whose complex beauty can only be enhanced by overall simplification.

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Contact: [email protected]
Web: smokeseason.com
Seeking: Label, Film/TV
Style: Indie-Electronic

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Smoke Season - "Loose"

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