Dru Ross new music critiques

New Music Critiques: Dru Ross


Oozing with sly, sexy, old-school attitude, Dru Ross is an artist who remembers when hip-hop was all about the party––and it ain’t no party without the ladies. His “Love Simulation,” for example, rides a classic funky groove that drives home its hooky R&B chorus with a seductive bevvy of female backups. “Body Rock” and “Like That” both follow the same format: an infectious groove, Ross’s leering come-ons and strong, booty-licious turns from the ladies.

Though he maybe gives too much 
of the glory to his backup singers on the choruses, Ross’s relaxed, Snoop-influenced flows are a credible presence at the mic, making these sexy-fun songs a good fit for a film or TV party scene.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: druross.com
Seeking: Film/TV

Style: Hip-Hop Rock

Dru Ross - "Love Simulation" (teaser)

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