New Music Critique: Zarenae  


Contact: [email protected]


Seeking: Mgmt, Label, Booking
Style: R&B/Pop

Southern Cal-based Zarenae and her production team have put together a trio of tunes that define the sound of TikTok pop: slickly produced and processed, with a sexy, seductive voice and a message that, while not deep and profound, is completely relatable and right on target for the genre’s audience.  The breakup song “You” is a case in point. It is as slick (and expensive-sounding) as it is shallow. “Talk” will remind some listeners of Ariana Grande and is an ideal vehicle for a dance-crew performance. “Dreamy” might be Zarenae’s best overall piece of work. Catchy and loaded with an arsenal of audio tricks, this song also has a fun chorus (“Hell no!”) that’s guaranteed to inspire its audience to join in.