Alice Howe

Alice Howe Celebrates The Release of Visions at Genghis Cohen

Critically-acclaimed folk artist Alice Howe is back on the road in support of her debut album, Visions. Fronting a band that features Freebo (fretless bass), Fuzzbee Morse (electric guitar) and John ‘JT’ Thomas (keyboards), Howe recently performed an intimate concert at Hollywood’s Genghis Cohen.

Featuring songs off her latest release, Howe was engaging from the opening note. Her angelic vocals backed by seasoned musicians offered an impressive set of emotionally charged compositions. Visibly touched by an audience that hung on every note, Howe expressed her heartfelt gratitude throughout her performance. Sharing personal backstories related to her song selections, her wit, charm and infectious smile served to heighten a special evening with an incredibly gifted artist.

“My producer and bass player, Freebo, has helped bring me into the LA music scene,” says Howe. “I have been fortunate to perform here many times over the past few years, since I began working on my latest album, Visions, in Bakersfield.”

“I like to think that at every stage in my career, the most recent release has been my best work yet,” adds Howe. “I think that’s how it has to be, improving and growing with each project. I am so proud of this album, Visions, and I believe it does represent my highest aspirations as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and performer.”

Taking a leap of faith Howe relocated from Boston, MA to Los Angeles this past spring. A move that continues to fuel her creative energy and personal rebirth, Howe has never looked back.

“As I was working on my record, every time I arrived at the airport in Los Angeles after the long flight from Boston, I felt a sense of enchantment and possibility,” recalls Howe. “It’s a very different environment from where I grew up—the climate, the energy, everything. I had a strong intuition that I would benefit from being in LA on many levels—creatively, personally, and professionally.”

“I have a bigger community of creative people here than I have ever had before,” adds Howe. “I also love that I can make a few calls and easily pull together a stellar band like the one that played with me at Genghis Cohen. As a singer and songwriter, it is energizing and affirming to constantly be meeting professional creative people, and here in LA I am finding that wherever I go.”

Photos by Rob Nagy 2019