Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes at the Staples Center in Los Angeles

An earthquake didn’t stop Shawn Mendes from shaking up the Staples Center in Los Angeles on July 5. In honor of two sold-out nights, the outside of the Staples Center was decked out with flowers and a rose wall in front of which fans could take Instagram-worthy photos. As soon as I entered, the flower theme continued. In the center of the venue, there was an enormous, glowing flower decoration that gave a romantic and intimate atmosphere to the show.

Opening up the night was Grammy-winning artist, Alessia Cara. Cara is a star in her own right. She’s been heating up the charts for the past few years and her songs get played on the radio non-stop. She was definitely the right choice for the sole opener of the show. Not only is she a fellow Canadian like Shawn Mendes, but she also has amazing live vocals. I was blown away by how she was able to effortlessly belt out all her hits including “Stay” and “Here.” Her sweet and genuine personality was evident from her interaction with the crowd.

With only 10 minutes before Shawn Mendes was supposed to hit the stage, Ridgecrest, CA experienced a 7.1 earthquake and the Staples Center definitely felt it. Everything around me was swaying. The first two rows were evacuated because the lighting and speakers began uncontrollably swaying. Everyone started to wonder if the show would go on. But after a few nerve-wracking minutes of deliberation, the show went on and for a few hours, Shawn Mendes made everyone forgot the earthquake happened.

Entering the stage to a cheering crowd composed of mostly women, Mendes showed why he’s the biggest male pop act in the world. Throughout the show, he displayed his impressive voice and instrumental talents--playing the acoustic guitar and piano. In total, Mendes performed 25 songs  including “Stitches” and “Treat You Better.” As the night progressed, Mendes took full control of the venue by serenading the crowd in the center by the enormous glowing flower. My favorite moment of the night was the acoustic rendition of "Youth." Every time Mendes played the acoustic guitar, the show felt more intimate. Mendes ended the night with his biggest single to date, "In My Blood,"  and the night couldn't be complete without a blast of confetti and bright lights to end the show.