Artist sagun launches Arden Records

Multi-faceted producer and global phenom sagun has announced the launch of Arden Records, an artist-first lo-fi label in collaboration with Platoon.

Amidst the current climate where lo-fi labels are taking advantage of early-stage producers with no bargaining power and offering inauspicious record deals, sagun, Jordan Smith (S+ MGMT), and Andrew Kwan (Romantic Music Group) set out to change the status quo and tackle one of the most prominent issues artists face in the music industry.

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The official announcement of Arden Records is accompanied by a branded trailer video teasing sagun’s 6-track EP, aptly titled ‘Arden’, in collaboration with the debut label roster. The debut roster of lo-fi producers on Arden Records include: clay house (visceral, honest, and altogether unique), pecna (musicality and technicality), slow-key (transient), Trankilo (hip-hop beats), wrongnumber (hypnotic serenity), and sagun himself.

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We named the label ‘Arden,' which means 'a great forest', because I’ve always been inspired by nature. Being an independent artist was always my goal, but even more so, I always carried the dream of starting a label and creating opportunities to positively impact talented upcoming artists and help make their musical journeys easier. In the beginning of my career, I didn’t have a team and lacked music industry knowledge, but through starting Arden Records, I want to help artists achieve their goals by offering my guidance and providing the proper resources I never knew I needed. I also want to thank my manager, Jordan Smith, because this never would have been possible without him, and I’m excited to work with Platoon and Andrew Kwan to make Arden Records a household name.” - sagun

To be able to translate the beauty of your surroundings into your music is an art form of its own. Reigning from Nepal, sagun has poured his heritage into his music to make a name for himself in the lo-fi scene. Being a producer is one thing, but being a producer that brings out the best in artists is another. This is what sagun strives towards in every instrumental and what he already has done by utilizing the mystery that is Shiloh Dynasty to produce some of the most iconic lo-fi tracks to date. Clocking in over 200 millions streams worldwide and throughout all streaming services, sagun has only begun to tap his true potential.

With the meaning of "Arden" being “Great Forest," Arden Records will become an ecosystem for lo-fi music and a natural space for artists to stay connected, build each other up, and produce quality music together. Arden Records was founded by sagun, Jordan Smith (S+ MGMT), and Andrew Kwan (Romantic Music Group) and was inspired by the nostalgic and subtle quality of lo-fi music. Arden Records aims to shift the paradigm of modern lo-fi labels by being the only true artist-first lo-fi label.