New Music Critique: Tuesay's Ashes

Tuesday’s Ashes  
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Web: @tuesdays_ashes

Seeking: Label, Film/TV, Video Games
Style: Heavy Metal

Metal band Tuesday’s Ashes generate a rock-solid attack that is handicpped by poor production. Unfortunately they clearly recorded this with Garageband and a beginner’s guide to recording, cuz this thing is a mess. All the parts are there, but none of them are MIXED, so they’re just one layer on top of the next. The vocals are way too low; even worse: those sparkling guitar leads are buried behind crash cymbals and drums! And that’s a shame, because despite the familiarity of the riffs and hooks in “A List,” “Empty Soul” and “Ship of Fools,” the instrumental skills of this crew are impressive and deserve to be captured by a skilled producer-engineer. We urge the band to find that person and get busy.