RF Venue Launches Performance Calculator Tool

RF Venue, Inc., a global leader in antenna and RF wireless communication products, has simplified wireless mic system reliability predictions with the development of the RF Venue Performance Calculator. The free online tool, lauded by early adopters amongst RF Venue customers, greatly reduces the complexity of wireless system performance prediction, providing a reasonable certainty of reliable performance in mere seconds.

RF Venue has done the time-consuming steps of system performance calculation in advance, incorporating the needed specifications within the software. Users of the calculator simply select system components via a handful of drop-down menus – microphone make and series, distance from mic to antenna, cabling type and length, RF Venue antenna / DISTRO distribution system models and, if known, the RF noise floor of the performance space. With a tap of a Calculate button, the results are indicated by a simple traffic light indication of go (green), caution (yellow), or no-go (red).

RF Venue President Chris Regan shared, “Typical RF link budget calculator tools are so comprehensive and detailed that they become nearly impossible to use for the average wireless system operator. Now, with our new wireless Performance Calculator, there’s a much simpler option. Our customers are thrilled with the calculator’s performance and ease of use.”

The RF Venue Performance Calculator is available for use at rfvenue.com/rfvenue-calculator. A visual walk-through is available on the RF Venue blog, as is the “Create a Link Budget” video for users who want to learn more about the parameters that affect the prediction model.

More information is available at rfvenue.com.