Live Review: Thuy

The Roxy Theatre   West Hollywood, CA

Web: thuymusic.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Thuy, vocals; Derick Cook, DJ; Alex Guerrero, guitar; D’Mauriae Harris, drums; Edward Saldana, keyboard

Material: Thuy’s music encompasses pop, rock and R&B, to the delight of many fans cheering her on at the Roxy Theatre. The music had sprinkles of Vanessa Hudgens, Meghan Trainer, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, with a main staple of R&B blasted from the past, present and, no doubt, the future.  Great grooves filled every inch of every wall space at the Roxy, exuding uplifting and lively music along with colorful lyrics that painted pictures of what once was, and what has now become.

Musicianship: Top quality band backed Thuy as she crooned and swooned her way through the night. Thuy’s vocals are good. She has a way with words and when her songwriting hits its peak, watch out. Guerrero was blazing on guitar all night as he added an extra layer of melodic goodness to the mix. Harris was on point at all times. His drums kept perfect time, every time, and were the reason for all the groovin’ on in the dancefloor. Saldana and Cook took turns driving the low end. They did it so good, you couldn’t even tell there was no bass player.  

Performance: Excellent. Thuy has a way with the audience and they just love her vibe. She talks and interacts with them as if they were her friends from down the street. She is very personable, transparent and sincere, and it showed in her interaction with them. Great lighting from the Roxy crew and a video depicting beautiful butterflies and inanimate objects morphing in different colors added a whole new vibe to the stage production. 

Summary: This show was part of a tour that started in Vancouver, British Columbia and made its way down the Pacific Northwest, through San Francisco and Los Angeles and finally ending things in San Diego; with every show sold out. If you want to catch a great visual production that is extremely entertaining, and music that is pleasing to the ear, catch Thuy the next time she’s in your town.