Psychocide - new music critiques review

New Music Critique: Psychocide

Musicianship 8

Though their songs are powered by familiar riffs, Montreal-based Psychocide is a band with an eccentric, “screw loose” fun factor that keeps things interesting. Case in point: the “vocal flutter” that singer Goldwyn employs on “Crazy Janet”; it is altogether unique and well matched to his guitarist’s speedy, accurate solo. The garagey-punk “Paranoia” has dynamic touches that take the hooky song high and low. (We’d love to hear it in a live setting.) With its stabbing, herky-jerky beat, “Street Named Desire” challenges the entire band, but they all stay right on time and remain tight as hell every step of the way. Psychocide might want to approach anime and game developers about soundtrack opportunities.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Label, Distribution
Style: Hard Rock


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