The Record Shop Equips with PhantomFocus

Carl Tatz Design has recently installed its acclaimed PhantomFocus™ System at producer/engineer Sean Giovanni’s The Record Shop studio outside of Nashville. “After trying all sorts of band-aid solutions for balancing the response of our control room, we decided it was time to commit to a permanent solution, and the PhantomFocus System was the absolute answer. After hearing my system for the first time, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, and my ears were rejoicing,” says Giovanni.

Studio designer and PhantomFocus System creator Carl Tatz points out, “Installing one of our systems in an existing control room is a different animal compared to the procedure we use for our PhantomFocus MixRoom™ designs, but it can be very successful once we cross the T’s and dot the I’s to make the space PhantomFocus-ready.” This can be corroborated by the myriad testimonials on the Carl Tatz Design and PhantomFocus websites.

Giovanni continues, “Once I was able to put the system to work on a mix, the imaging, low-frequency response and transparency made balancing and EQ decisions so much easier. No more compensating for the trouble areas in the room. I can make confident decisions in both tracking and mixing, which has significantly improved the efficiency, consistency and quality of our productions. This investment is something that our clients ‘hear’ more than ‘see.’ We took quite a while to pull the trigger on it, and I wish I would have started with this solution from day one. Carl patiently guided us through the preparation process and made sure that every detail was PhantomFocus-ready. It’s rare to receive this type of unconditional customer service these days. We are grateful for Carl and his amazing team!”

Pictured L-R: Carl Tatz and Sean Giovanni, producer/engineer and owner of The Record Shop recording studio