Ronson to Teach Music Production

Global DJ, Oscar, Golden Globe, BRIT and seven-time GRAMMY Award winning artist and producer Mark Ronson will share his critically acclaimed production skills as well as the processes of how he works as a producer, beat maker, musician, songwriter and collaborator in his upcoming BBC Maestro course in Music Production. Today you can catch a preview of Ronson’s full BBC Maestro course, out July 5th. Watch the trailer here.

Launched in October 2020 to incredible success, the BBC Maestro platform sees world-class experts share exclusive knowledge and insight into their craft. Mark’s course launch coincides with the introduction of BBC Maestro’s new all-access subscription service, where users can pay an annual fee for unlimited access to all BBC Maestro courses. Where users previously could only buy individual courses, all-access opens the door to every Maestro and a load more inspiration. Additionally, this course marks the launch of BBC Maestro in the U.S. for the first time.

Mark’s BBC Maestro course will provide a one-of-a-kind learning experience as he lifts the lid on his unique creative process by breaking down the tips and techniques that have helped him become the award-winning music producer he is today.  

Through eighteen online lessons with individual sub-chapters targeted to those interested and eager to learn more about music production, Mark will educate beginners on how to tackle songwriting, recording, production as well as advice on how to successfully collaborate with other musicians to create genre defying and timeless music. 

I’m doing this so that any young kids curious about producing, or people who are starting out, or just music fans who are wondering if they want to get into it, can see how to produce music,” Mark explains, “It's usable, accessible content”. 

“Whether it’s chopping breaks or mic-ing drums, or a more holistic understanding of how to collaborate with artists. It's a bunch of things that I've learned over 25 years, the insight and foresight I've amassed, packaged in a nice little lesson series.”  

The 18 bespoke course lessons include: What Makes A Great Producer, Sample-based Production, Serving The Song, The Power Of Knowledge, Developing Ideas, Educate Yourself, Preparing The Session, Building The Production, Extra ‘Ear Candy’ and Tones, Colours and Textures as well as collaborations from the GRAMMY award winning rapper, Jon Bellion, singer Niya Norwood, GRAMMY winning engineer, mixer and producer, Ricky Damian and The Frightners drummer and vocalist, Richard Terrana

Upon completion of the course, viewers will gain an advanced understanding of the production process, an authentic insight into recording a track and how the result will be a patchwork quilt of trial and error. Giving a rare look into how he has created some of his biggest hits such as Nothing Breaks Like A Heart and Uptown Funk, those involved will gain a respectable knowledge on the art of music production. 

  • Mark Ronson’s Music Production Course launches on 5 July 2022
  • Complete details at www.bbcmaestro.com 
  • The total course length is over 6 hours