New Music Critique: Otaak Band


Contact: [email protected]
Web: otaakband.bandcamp.com
Seeking: Film/TV, Label, Funding
Style: Egyptian Folk, Lyre Music

Miguel Merino spearheads this project, which presents an authentic, no-nonsense collection of pure, unadulterated, Southern Egyptian folk songs. Film/TV folks looking for incidental music with an authentic Middle Eastern flavor will want to check this out. The Egyptian singer Ali al-Abady's voice dovetails well with the benign spirit of simplicity that makes this folk-primitive project succeed. “Na’naa al-Geneina” is a warm and infectious tune that takes off when the melodic group-vocal chant kicks in and finds its spirited groove. Castanets and tambourine spice up “Al Waalad Da,” while the hummable chorus of “La Ya Habibi” zings with percussive wood and metal instruments.