Prinse Tay

New Music Critique: Prinse Tay

Production 8

Pittsburgh rap artist Prinse Tay, though his vocal tone is not altogether distinctive, has a confident, credible flow that’s mixed front- and-center amid his stylishly simple tracks. We especially like the subtle change-ups in his cadences. “Chase a Check” rides an alluring, catchy keyboard riff over which the rapper describes life as a working stiff. On “OMG” we get more of the same as he describes life “on my grind, on my grind.” We like the more mellow, raspy favor of his flow on the sly, clever “Roland A. Blount,” an ode to getting high (“I’d rather smoke a bag o’ weed than a whole bunch o’ bullshit”). Though featured rappers add variety to his tracks, we’d like to hear Tay leave his comfort zone, vary his vocal pitch.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: prinsetay.bandcamp.com
Seeking: Film/TV, Booking
Style: Hip-Hop