New Music Critique: Never Heavy


Never Heavy 
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Web:  itsneverheavy.com

Seeking: Film/TV
Style: Indie Rock

Tampa-based Steve Alex’s project Never Heavy is aptly named. His original songs such as “Sensation” and “She Doesn’t Know” are upbeat, optimistic pop-rock with one foot enthusiastically planted in the realm of classic bubblegum and its subsequent heirs such as The Plimsouls. Both tunes are punchy, guitar-driven and well-recorded, and Alex has the right voice to match. Best of all are the keytar sounds that infuse these recordings, consistently injecting a tasty icing on the proverbial cake in all the right places. “Goodbye Position” is more of a standard acoustic-guitar singer-songwriter outing, but with a keytar injection (as well as percussion and steel drums) that adds an element of color and fun.