New Music Critique: Miriam Love


Miriam Love
Contact: [email protected]

Web: miriamlove.com

Seeking: Booking, Film/TV, Voice Over
Style: EDM, R&B, Neo-Soul, Rock

Artist Miriam Love has had tv placements for her music, which in many cases generates plenty of kinetic dance-club energy that goes well with high-energy video clips.  Her retro-pumping “Back In The Nineties” is right on the nose with its ‘90s nod to glitzy ‘70s disco. Next, strong synths and Love’s sweet, smooth and repetitive vocal are the driving force on the ‘00s-fueled EDM song “The Weekend.” Both of those recordings have a dated, inoffensive, superficial sheen to them and repetitive lyrics that are below basic. Then Miriam throws us a curve: her “Hold Me Again” is a total shift, almost a bubblegum-pop tune that, from her sweet, appealing vocal to the infectious handclaps, is a winner.