New Music Critique: J.Olivier

Production 8

Anonymous, mysterious music-maker J.Olivier likes to accent his ambient, atmospheric compositions with unexpected sounds––a tinkle bell in “Autumn Dreams, for instance––that make his music fun to hear. “Waiting For You” is a study in impatience, as Olivier deploys a soulful Adele-like female voice, a “twisted soul,” all aswirl in spacey ambient tones and textures that makes the most of subtle echo effects. We also like the calming, oceanic sounds in “Rise” as well as its hi-pitched female falsetto tones. The aforementioned “Autumn Dream” has a dancey 4/4 beat as well as behemoth bass notes and comes off like a TV series theme music. Olivier’s themes are intriguing if not entirely winning.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: twitter.com/jolivier_
Seeking: Distribution, Film/TV, Exposure
Style: Electronic, Chill, Downtempo, Dance