Get Your Music on NFL TV Broadcasts and Earn Royalties

MusicOpps.com is pitching tracks to editors who are preparing for the 2018-2019 NFL season. Editors are seeking all genres for both new and old releases. Music will be used during the games, on highlight reels, pre/post game bumps, intro and outro clips, game trailers, and many other placements across all football-based outlets. These placements will air on national TV and dedicated online football sites. Highlight reels historically feature unique, high-energy music to enhance the commentary and visual action of game recaps. Music Opps staff will be pitching music for pre-season games, regular season games and playoffs, all the way up to the Super Bowl.

See an example of a previous Music Opps NFL placement here:

Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Alternative, Indie, Pop, Country, Hip-Hop/Rap, EDM, Dubstep/House, Orchestral, and all applicable up-tempo Instrumentals. All high-energy hybrids accepted.

- Tracks must be well-produced, professional, and ready for public performance.
- Tracks must be appropriate for the application it will be supporting.
- Artists must control/own all copyrights - please no uncleared samples or covers.

- A SoundCloud or DSound link of your song (for producers to stream).
- WAV file/MP3, metadata and album artwork (once reviewed and selected for placement).

SUBMISSION FEE: $15.00 per track

To submit, visit musicopps.com/2018/08/opp-nfl-tv-placement.html#more