Steve Roach

New Music Critique: Steve Roach

Production 8

On his lengthy synth pieces, Steve Roach is clearly out to sedate, not surprise, the listener, to transport them to a state of calm where meditation is optimized. “Molecules of Motion” envelopes you and gently, almost imperceptibly, morphs into newer territories, conveying the listener along a mysterious, seemingly interstellar path. It’s a quality that makes Roach’s music a no-brainer for a sci-fi film. What we do not hear on these moody pieces is a composer who can deliver dynamic gusts of emotion that boost the action and make a visual sequence thrilling to behold. Roach suggests he could do that on “Grace Meditation,” which is infused with plenty of bouncing, skittering keyboard clusters.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Film/TV
Style: Ambient Electronic