Groutfit new music critique

New Music Critique: Groutfit


Simple yet effective, these 60-second themes by Indiana ambient artist Groutfit (Juliet Johnson) will be of interest to pro music libraries and game developers (Resident Evil). Each concise theme is a sonic miniature that conjures eerie, creepy and ghostly moments. Perhaps even an audio glimpse into madness. “Aloof” is a swirling, dreamlike collage with the artist’s trademark: looped vocal phrases. “Apologies” provides a floating, angelic lift, a babble of voices that is ultimately engrossing. “Aberration” suggests a sense of chaos, mental breakdown, perhaps a psychedelic trip gone awry. Each theme, despite the amorphous swirl, is kept firmly on track by a simple yet catchy hook.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: groutfit.bandcamp.com
Seeking: Label
Style: Ambient

Groutfit - "Aloof"

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