Slant live review

Live Review: Slant at Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, CA

Material: A hard rock/metal band from Los Angeles, Slant delivers crafty, well-written songs that drive rhythm to your soul. Time and effort have been invested in the songs, especially standouts like “No Regret” and “Wasted.” Both are powerful and hard-driving with fairly complex, dynamic rhythms that incorporate melodic and well-placed lyrics that make you want to “bang your head.”

Musicianship: These guys have been honing their skills for a bit, evident from their cool, self-assured presence. They are fun to watch as the rhythm guitar and bass guitar run from one side of the stage to the other while Lee twirled his sticks and kept the beat like he was born with them in his hands.

Zaman, guitar in hand and mic to face, played multifarious rhythms, keeping the music intact while belting out lyrics and making it look easy amid the chaos.

Performance: Slant came out dressed in uniform, all wearing red. Was it in support of our troops or to show that they were hot? Possibly both, but for sure the latter. Not only did Slant play their music well, they played with the audience in a confident and elfish manner to not to detract from the music’s impact.

Slant left no one untouched––the upstairs, the downstairs, the bars and even outside. Haque and Chastain would switch sides and vivaciously dig at the crowd to make noise and get louder.

Summary: Though less progressive and more straightforward, Slant is a hard rock/metal band in the style of Tool. Great rhythms intertwine with melodic guitars and lyrics then mix with coltish, onstage antics to make for a fun, pleasurable experience.

Even if you’re not into the rock/metal sound, Slant makes you like it with melodic rhythms and catchy melodies. They also present a medieval vibe that drives the rhythm section and vocals alike and draws the listener closer to each song.

A great listening and visual experience, it’s no surprise Slant are playing bigger and bigger venues, not to mention a couple of European tours.

The Players: Fahim Zaman, vocals, lead guitar; Munir Haque, rhythm guitar; Jimmy Lee, drums; Josh Chastain, bass.

Venue: Whisky A Go Go
West Hollywood, CA
Contact: [email protected]
Web: SlantMusic.net

Photo by Pierce Brochetti

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