New Music Critique: Don Lincoln

Don Lincoln
Contact: [email protected]

Web: Soundcloud

Seeking: Promotion
Style: Rap, Alternative

Over sparse instrumentals and minimal drill drum blasts, rapper Don Lincoln demostrates clever storytelling through exciting, complex flows. On “Batman” in particular, we hear a surprisingly subdued production, relying on sub-synth bass and not much else. “Been Ready” is a darker track that features other emcees, including female voices who build the dramatics. The hook “Blow my brains out/Been ready to die...” verges on grotesque, but you can’t fault Lincoln’s vulnerability speaking on mental health. “Palm Trees” is also a downer in subject matter, though “Bury bodies under palm trees” is admittedly a catchy chorus. He raps fast and we understand every word clearly, references to Lindsay Lohan, Covid and all.