Corey Pro

New Music Critique: Corey Pro


Houston-based artist Corey Pro, from his tracks to his flow, is working at a high level, delivering recordings that (a la Kendrick Lamar) are as dazzling as they are challenging. “I Am Who I Am” leads in with a slow, trippy intro that morphs into exotic, Eastern-flavors, all of which gets a sudden counter-punch from his rapid-fire flow as he declares his unique identity. His passionate “Southern Hospitality” brims with layers of media that compel you to listen more closely. Best of all is the catchy “Low Life/ High Life” where he croons a chorus amid the angry raps, clever wordplay and interesting synth tones. We really like this artist. His ability to command the mic and to take risks in his tracks is a pleasure to behold.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: Coreypr0.com
Seeking: Distribution Deal
Style: Hip-Hop/Rap