Piano Instrumentals Needed For Compilation

A U.K. based production music library is seeking composers to contribute towards an upcoming compilation of 'warm and emotional piano' themed music aimed towards advertising and television placements. Seeking great sounding piano played with real love and emotion to touch the soul. All tracks should incorporate a minimal, melodic and emotional approach with a gradual build to give a warm and uplifting feeling.

The core of the track needs to revolve around a piano melody that sounds effortless and evokes a sense of warmth and emotion growing to an uplifting ending. Music can get busier in sections with the use of orchestration but orchestral strings must sound lush and as realistic as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Only seeking INSTRUMENTALS approximately between 1:30 to 2:00 in length. Should your tracks be selected then edits will be requested for 60 secs, 30 secs and 15 secs.

When submitting your work please note:

1. Music must be of a high standard & professionally recorded/mixed.

2. You must be in full control of the publishing copyright as well as master recordings.

3. NO RETITLING. All compositions must be original and not already part of any other existing music library.

Composers from all geographical areas will be considered.

Compensation: Exclusive deal; 50-50 split on licensing and sync fees.

To submit music visit, submitmx.com/projects_listings.php?id=1606