New Music Critique: Believe In Ghost!


Believe In Ghost!
Contact: [email protected]

Web: spotify.com

Seeking: Booking
Style: Indie Alt-Rock

With its pulsing bass, its lively horns, and some lurking punk-rock chaos, we at first thought we were listening to a Fugazi cover band upon hearing “Peace,” by N.Y.C. quartet  Believe In Ghost! But we detected something else that really piqued our interest, and that was fulfilled when we heard the peaceful, gentle “PIllow Talk,” especially its lead vocal falsetto that climbs so well, and the angelic whispering choir that backs him up, and the saxophone and the wah guitar flavors. The singer almost scats/hums with vibrato. Finally, the foreboding blues shuffle “Firestarter” has great playing all around its terrific dynamic changes. On the downside, the song is not altogether catchy, but it’s a strong mood generator, for sure.