New Music Critique: Keemo Bankz


Keemo Bankz
Contact: [email protected]

Web: spotify.com

Seeking: Booking
Style: Drill Rap

Energy is key for South African rapper Keemo Bankz. On “Love Story,” we hear a talented spitfire flow from Bankz over a clean electric guitar sample, plus syncopated drum beats defined by their traditional tight snare. A production note: there’s 30 seconds of silence at the end. “Fallen Demon” is aggressive in subject and spirit, overly crowded with tongue trills and shouted ad libs. The mood is established by the pitched-down piano that sounds as close to John Carpenter’s Halloween theme as possible without getting sued. “Smoke Beef” was perhaps the standout from the selections we heard. Albeit an older track with an uneven mix (way too quiet!), the Asian-inspired instrumental with synth flourishes pairs well with Bankz. “I’m at your door. I’m kicking… You want the smoke? Come get it.”