New Music Critique: Alexis Seas


Alexis Seas
Contact: [email protected]


Seeking: Label, Booking, Film/TV
Style: Pop, Hip-Hop

Young Florida native Alexis Seas enlists a great team on her EP We Coming. “Bringing it Back” opens with a horns-heavy instrumental, and guest rapper King Israell psyching us up for a fight night. Unfortunately, when Alexis steps on the mic, the mixing is hard to hear. Background vocals and adlibs are all heard at different levels and keys, and the added auto-tune does not help. “Get Down” has similar inconsistencies with mixing, but, again, the samples are exciting and her lyrics are clever. Seas’ voice is unique, in a pretty upper-register, and she can hold her own as a rapper. Title track “We Coming” features guests (like female emcee Justice) who seem to outshine Alexis, and they help to elevate Seas’ overall “Vocals” score.