Justin Gariano

Heartbeats Craft Songs at TreeHaus Recording

Producer Justin Gariano relies on JBL 708P monitors and LSR6312SP subwoofers when working ith clients big and small at his studio, TreeHaus Recording.

Justin Gariano is a musician, recording engineer and one-half of the production duo Heartbeats, which he started with fellow engineer and drummer Dusty Schaller. As Heartbeats, Gariano and Schaller work with artists like Reignwolf, Evanescence, Evaride and Toto, in addition to developing up-and-coming talent. In 2013, the duo built TreeHaus Recording, their home base in the LA neighborhood of Woodland Hills. In addition to full-service recording, mixing and editing, TreeHaus offers podcast recording services, live playback production and educational recording workshops.

Gariano selected JBL 708P Master Reference Monitors. The 708P’s bi-amplified design combines an eight-inch 728G low-frequency transducer and a 2409H high-frequency compression driver for smooth, linear frequency response over an impressive 35 Hz – 36 kHz range. JBL’s proprietary Image Control Waveguide ensures an extra-wide sweet spot with consistent frequency response on- and off-axis.

Two JBL LSR6312SP subwoofers fill out the low-end at TreeHaus, complementing the 708P’s and delivering true full-range sound. The unit’s 12-inch Differential Drive low-frequency transducer provides an extended bass response, augmented by the Linear Dynamics Aperture bass port, which reduces air turbulence and compression for a smoother sound. The LSR6312SP’s high-density baffle and stable inertial ground give it low resonance characteristics.

Using the built-in equalization DSP on the 708P’s and the RMC Calibration Kit included with the LSR6312SP, HARMAN technicians tuned TreeHaus’ new monitoring system to achieve the flattest sound possible.