Gear Review: Amplified Parts K-GMOD-2 Stratocaster Electronics Upgrade Kit

The K-GMOD-2 Stratocaster Electronics Upgrade Kit available from Amplified Parts can give your Stratocaster a significant upgrade for a bargain price. Shown here is the K-GMOD-2 Stratocaster upgrade kit which I installed in my Xaviere Pro870 Stratocaster. The kit includes 3 × CTS 250KA split shaft potentiometers, a Vintage Fender style 5-way switch, Switchcraft ¼” mono input jack, High Quality Pre-tinned Cloth Wire, a Mod Oil tone cap, .a 022 μF, Volume control (treble bleed) mod and Wiring diagram and detailed instructions.

The kit assumed you have basic level soldering skills and a minimal level understanding of electronics. That said, the K-GMOD-2’s clear and easy to follow instructions should allow the kit to be installed by most people comfortably over a few cups of coffee and a couple of afternoons. If you need help, the Amplified Parts website has a large number of technical support instructional articles on tap.

Once installed, I noticed an immediate improvement in overall tonal response which I’m sure is due in part to the great sounding Mod Oil tone cap. The treble bleed circuit significantly reduces treble signal loss when rolling back the guitar’s volume potentiometer. The overall result of the K-GMOD-2 kit is a significant upgrade over the quality of parts shipped with many production line manufactured guitars.

If you like your Stratocaster but are underwhelmed with the factory installed electronics, the K-GMOD-2 Stratocaster Electronics Upgrade Kit offers a professional level upgrade for a more than cost-effective price. In short, better parts make for a better guitar. The GMOD-2 Stratocaster Electronics upgrade Kit is available for purchase from Amplified Parts for $33.61 and is available now.

Amplified Parts also offers vintage style wiring upgrade kits for select Fender and Gibson Guitars.

Find out more at amplifiedparts.com