New CTD PhantomFocus MixRoom opens in Olympia, Washington

Playground Recording owner Daniel Scamman sitting in his PhantomFocus eChair in front of his top-of-the-line PFM UHD-1000 Monitor System.

“With the PhantomFocus™ system, mixes open in width like never before. When you pan something from the center at 0 to the left or to the right at 100, you can pretty much hear every single panning position discretely,” remarks Playground Recording owner Daniel Scamman.

Carl Tatz Design® has recently completed a high-performance PhantomFocus MixRoom™ for producer/engineer Daniel Scamman in Olympia, Washington, at his Playground Recording studio. This is the fifth MixRoom installation in the tightly knit Olympia, Washington recording community and the first personal facility for Scamman.

The MixRoom is completely isolated from the rest of the house, including a separate foundation, floating walls, floor and ceiling. All of the noisy equipment is housed in a separate IDF room so the MixRoom remains perfectly quiet. The studio is equipped with Pro Tools HDX and the Avid MTRX Studio for the I/O and utilizes Dante®-networked audio for connectivity between several of the rooms. The back of the MixRoom has extra seating to accommodate recording classes. Proprietary CTD acoustic modules by Auralex® are utilized throughout.

Scamman notes, “Mixes translate perfectly to other systems, which makes mixing much more efficient and enjoyable, not having to compensate in your head for an improperly balanced system. You also start hearing things in tracks you’ve never heard before, because of the clarity of the sound.”