DIY Spotlight: Sizzy Rocket

Los Angeles alt-pop star-in-the-making Sizzy Rocket started singing when she was about four years old, as a means to help her communicate with her family through a difficult stutter. 

“This eventually led to performing Britney Spears covers in outlet malls in Vegas at the age of seven, which led to writing my own songs on that same piano and the rest is history,” Rocket says. “I guess it really got serious in high school when I discovered punk and decided I wanted to be a rock star.” 

Rocket describes her sound as punk rock with a “club kid” makeover. This makes complete sense; she has all of the spit and bite of a punk, while her beats betray a club lean. And then there’s the fact that she can often be found sporting a keytar. 

“I put out an EP called RAT in October of last year and it’s one of my favorite projects I’ve released—dirty, sleazy New York-influenced club rat bangers,” Rocket says. “I’ve definitely been having a lot of fun with dance music... it’s 2024 punk in my eyes. It has the same liberated feeling.” 

As it turns out, Rocket is the ideal subject for this column— she literally has “DIY” tattooed on her knuckles. 

“That phrase means everything to me—being able to make your own music and videos and release your art in the world on your own is so powerful,” she says. 

Every Sizzy Rocket release is an event. Everything from the artwork to the merch to the clothing to the videos is wrenched out of the artists’s head—a renaissance punk creating an entire world for herself to reside in, and others to visit. It shouldn’t be long before we get more. 

“I’m in writing mode right now, locked away in the studio dreaming up what’s next,” Rocket says. 

For more information, visit sizzyrocket.com

Photo by Carlos Guevara.