Audionamix Launches Web App for Rightsholders

Audionamix has launched its newest product, an on-demand web application for automated stem separation. Available exclusively to rightsholders, the app is a game-changer in the world of audio separation.

“We are proud to introduce our web app, a secure, browser-based separation interface to our most advanced technology,” said Ellie McNeil, North American manager of Audionamix. “Web access to this quality of separation - to automatically isolate dialogue from music and effects or stem specific instruments from a song - is unprecedented.”

In what would traditionally take an entire team of audio engineers and dedicated equipment to accomplish, Audionamix’s newest Professional Services web app can automatically separate stems in minutes. Using their cutting-edge AI separation technology, Audionamix’s engineers have designed the perfect solution for true immersive upmixing, removal of copyrighted songs for distribution, dubbing for market expansion, and modern revival of classics.

As demand for streaming continues to boom, film and TV post-production teams need instant, effective separation to bypass technical limitations, expensive licensing woes, and get their content out to a fast-moving global market.

For music rightsholders, the opportunities are endless. Audionamix’s web app makes monetizing your stems for sync, sampling, and remixing much simpler and eliminates the need to track down studio sessions that may no longer exist. Musicians can take previously mastered tracks, plug them into the web app, and then use the separated parts in creative new ways.

“As anyone who has worked with back-catalog content knows, tracking down stems can be difficult, if not impossible. Projects and budgets are made or broken based on the availability of these critical components,” said Stephen Oliver, Senior Engineer of the L.A. Professional Services team. “Nothing can be easier than plugging the master audio file into your web browser and in minutes having a great sounding, individualized set of stems. For audio professionals, it’s a dream come true.”

Those who qualify for access will receive their first five separations for free. Pricing starts at $10 a stem.

For more, visit Audionamix.