FiXT Label Launches EDM Division: FiXT Noir

FiXT, the independent, artist-owned record label from artist / producer Klayton (best known for his projects CelldwellerScandroid, and Circle of Dust), has announced the launch of its brand new EDM label division, FiXT Noir. The new division launches today with the explosive dubstep release "Traction" by Neddie.

After being discovered by Klayton, FiXT Noir is debuting the Dutch bass music producer Neddie with the imprint's first dubstep release "Traction." Fitting to Klayton's tastes, "Traction" is a jagged tearout track with heaps of distortion and subtle melodies lying just beneath the surface.Listen Now on YouTube:

"The idea behind "Traction" was to create a track with a massive, metallic sustain bass that still has a rhythmic feel to it. During the production, while messing around with note patterns, I eventually stumbled upon the melody that hits before the sustained bass, which I feel makes it really catchy. The first drop specifically reminded me a lot of a car engine, and so I decided to title the track 'Traction', which has the double meaning of both the car theme, but also the growth, or traction that I've had in my music career since I've started posting my music. I've always loved playing racing games when I was younger, so I felt that the title was a meaningful reference to those games." - Neddie

Even if you haven't heard of Neddie before, you may have seen him. The Florida-based producer frequently streams and uploads videos to his YouTube channel, which impressively boasts over 15,000 subscribers. Neddie's content ranges between unique production challenges (such as making a drop in 10 seconds or making dubstep in 11/8 time), tutorials (where he shows followers how to emulate the styles of popular EDM artists), and feedback streams. Outside of his YouTube work, Neddie has also released music on notable labels like Full Flex Audio and Reinelex Music.

FiXT Noir has also announced the exclusive roster signing of UK metal/drum & bass producer Toronto Is Broken this week along with upcoming releases from a wide ranging list of artists, including: CelldwellerBiometrixTeddy KillerzKJ SawkaBeckoAktiveTenebraxGlacierElliot BergerSocial KidBVLVNCEZardonicBlossoEveren MaxwellSimilar OutskirtsTadeuszEverything Must GoA_RivalToo KindIan SnowTottoDeuce & ChargerPunkerGazzFoxhuntMatt NeuxNatty CampbellKillin VoidAsteroid AfterpartyKYBTimianNeddieMattshNVFNALShaded GrainsOnly Kidding, and more.

"Traction" by Neddie is available now on all platforms from independent EDM label FiXT Noir.

Stream Now: