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Huart and Wild Team Up for Pro Mix Academy Mixing Course

Pro Mix Academy founder and producer/engineer Warren Huart (Ace Frehley, Korn, Aerosmith) has teamed up with esteemed producer Ulrich Wild (Brendon Small/ Dethklok, White Zombie, Deftones) to release a new Pro Mix Academy mixing course detailing Wild’s recent work on Brendon Small’s Galaktikon. This video released on the website takes you inside Wild’s studio where he gives an in-depth discussion of the Galaktikon track “Triton,” breaking down the instruments while including anecdotes from the recording and production of the album. One quote from the course is: “One of the most important things in mixing is to keep the interest of the listener…if the song doesn’t grab you in the beginning you’re kind of done with it. So it’s important to keep the interest.”

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This educational mixing course is also chock full of insider stories and recording/production insights such as isolating the bass parts of Bryan Beller and drums of Gene Hoglan through Pro Tools on “Triton.” Wild also explains how they achieved the sound on the track.

Wild stated the importance of the course, “Now more than ever it’s important to share our knowledge with each other. I started as a runner in a recording studio and worked my way up to engineering and producing. These opportunities are rare now, and learning on the job is much harder to do. Warren fills that void. With his Produce Like A Pro channel we can look over each other’s shoulders and gain valuable insight. That holds true not only for novices, but also old dogs like me. He visits a lot of top-notch producers and engineers, and I’m honored he asked me to do this Galaktikon course for Pro Mix Academy.”

Photo courtesy of Ulrich Wild

For more information, visit promixacademy.com.