NARIP to Host "Co-writing Songs: Legal & Creative Issues" Webinar

NARIP's Co-writing Songs: Legal & Creative Issues - How To Avoid Songwriter Disputes With Dean Serwin, Esq. webinar is happening on  Oct. 29 at 1 pm PST.  Music and entertainment attorney Dean Serwin, Esq. will discuss the most common songwriter disputes, how to avoid them and provide strategies to protect, enhance and exploit your copyrights.


•  Manage your metadata: who collects, disseminates and updates rights holder info, and how the not yet formed Mechanical License Collective comes into play?
•  Who should file a copyright registration for co-written song
•  When to file a copyright registration as a joint or individual work
•  Registering with PROs: who should do it and when
•  Self-publishing with co-writers
•  How to assess split percentages
•  Producer participation as a songwriter
•  Licensing: who administers and negotiates fees
•  What to do when you get a quote request for a co-written song
•  Death of co-writer: now what?
•  Copyright transfer
•  Works for hire

Serwin will take audience questions during the last 20 minutes of the program be sure to tune in LIVE to get YOUR questions answered.  Post your questions to the live Facebook video or Tweet to @NARIP #NARIPCOWRITE

One or two viewers will be chosen for personalized feedback from Mr. Serwin during NARIP’s Webinar.  To be considered, please fill out this form and provide links to video of your best live performance.  Click HERE to submit now.

Watch the webinar live on NARIP’s Facebook Page & NARIP.com