Music Connection Takes Over Winter NAMM 2015

TC Electronic present and discuss their new pedals they unveiled at Winter NAMM 2015.

Music Connection: Music Connection here with Laura Davidson from TC Electronics, and what she’s going to do is showcase some items then we’ll ask her some questions about them.
Laura Davidson: So this product is actually from TC Helicon, which is a sister company to TC Electronics.  TC Electronics specializes in guitar FX, while TC Helicon specializes in vocal FX. So new at the show this year, this is the ditto mic looper. It’s all mic looping, and it’s really simple to use; two switches, dedicated stop switch, level control and five minutes of looping time.  It’s unlimited overdubs as well, so if you can mic it, you can loop it.

With TC Electronics, we have two new pedals for the show, the Helix Phaser and the Viscous 5. Those have some really cool psychedelic flavors to them, so we’re going back to the 70’s a little bit with those. We’re also launching the K- Cabs, which are our bass cabinet range of the show, and they have a cool vintage vibe as well. They go along with our BH-550 MBH 800 amps.

Last but not least is our MP 76 microphone by TC Helicon, which is a microphone with four buttons on it that allows you to control a number of our products; looping, FX, turning harmonies on and off, and it’s the only one of it’s kind of professional level mic with multi- switches like that.

MC: So you guys are like the pioneers of that?
Davidson: Well it’s not the first time you can see switches on a mic but it is the first pro mic that gives you control over what you actually want to control.

MC: Cool, so just to touch base with the Viscous guitar pedal, you mentioned that the two pedals you brought both had kind of a 70’s vibe. I’ve noticed a lot that the music lately is pretty retro sounding, so is that the inspiration in kind of taking it back to the 70’s?
Davidson:  I don’t want to speak for the designer, but I know he’s been pretty passionate about making these two pedals in particular, and it’s something that he really wanted to recreate really accurately, so he took a lot of time to do it right. That being said, he created the Viscous 5, which is meant to sound like a univibe, a pedal you can’t get anymore, and it’s really dear to his heart.

MC: So with these you mentioned that they were pretty easy to use, does that make them good for artists who are just starting out? If so, how do they get their hands on it?
Davidson: Well the Ditto Mic Looper is shipping now, so you can get it at any of your favorite retailers. It’s also pretty reasonably priced, and very easy to use, just plug it up and turn it on.

MC: Great, so with my last question, if you could explain to somebody your company in three words, what would they be?
Davidson: Innovative Exciting technology.

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