Martin Tillman - "Superhuman" music album review

Music Album Review: Martin Tillman - "Superhuman" (8/10)

Electric cellist Martin Tillman has been diligently working on his studio tan, while contributing to a number of contemporary film soundtracks, these past few years. On Superhuman the Swiss-born musician steps out into the light, with a life-affirming dedication to his wife Eva. The overall ambience of the album reflects his love of electronica, epic rock and classical themes. And the production is vast and appropriately cinematic in scope and design. Top cuts include the EDM-inspired “Wonder,” the exotic-tinged “Involuntary Midnights” and the soul-stirring title track. This is an impressive look into the mind of a unique and gifted artist.

Score: 8 out of 10

Martin Tillman
Martinizing Music
Producer: Martin Tillman