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New Music Critique: Luke Metzler

Musicianship 7

Adept production captures Rochester, NY’s Luke Metzler's clear, confident vocals and thoughtful lyrics. The beat-driven “Disco Therapy” (on which he name-checks James Baldwin) allows the artist to urge a friend to give up the hedonistic, drug-fueled dance scene. He’s a comforting crooner on the wordy “Home,” showing an ability to hit yearning, heart-tugging high notes. The artist plays to his strengths on “In The Springtime,” whose epic build-up and lyric tribute to a relationship’s golden moment allow him to convincingly convey anxious emotion, though we feel Metzler’s voice here could be less brash for such a sweet song. All in all, this is a promising artist who has yet to perfect his style and content.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Film/TV, Booking, Mgmt
Style: Pop

Luke Metzler - "Disco Therapy"

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